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Unavoidable Writing debuted in early beta testing in 2017, and today the full course has been revised for maximum readability, engagement, and effect.

Now offering original watercolor artwork to highlight key concepts, plus new quizzes and over a dozen journaling prompts, Unavoidable Writing suits multiple learning styles.

That’s why we can boast about the outcomes that our writing students are experiencing across the globe.

Although our student base is growing, so far we have welcomed students from five countries with very promising statistics:

  • 86.4% of Students Actually Began the Course After Purchase
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate Among Students Who Completed the Course
  • 97.6% of Students Would Purchase the Course All Over Again
  • Only 1 Refund Requested Since 2017

What Students and Clients are Saying…

“My coaching sessions with Dave created a profound shift in my relationship to writing and the role that it plays in my life. I thought I was seeking someone who would ‘kick my ass’ and get me to write more often. I came away from our coaching realizing that I don’t need to pursue writing out of fear if I don’t immediately become a prolific author. Without the unnecessary suffering that writing can carry with it, I can now enjoy my writing as a form of self-expression that creates more ease in my life.”— Rolando Peraza, Freelance Writer

“I reached out to Dave to sharpen my voice and specialization in my field. Through Dave’s ‘Writers Group of Two’ support and custom journaling prompts, I gained new insights and perspectives that allowed me to see patterns, blocks, and opportunities to re-story my approach and move forward. Our work together bolstered my self-confidence and my value in my professional and personal life, which in turn has led to new direction and a higher quality of life.”— Charlotte Love, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor

“Dave is a true life guide — patient, wise, and encouraging. When I started my Writer’s Group of Two, I thought I would focus my writing in support of my business goals. But as I struggled and questioned my personal motivations to write, Dave helped me figure out my true priorities — not only as a writer, but in how I wanted to express myself as a person. My evolution in the writing process was evident as I went from writing that tried to ‘convince’ others to writing that existed for my own inner understanding. The end result? I now have a relationship to writing that feels like it is truly my own.”— Tom Henell, Marketing, Leadership and Customer Acquisition Professional

“When I was facing major transitions in every aspect of my life — personally, with family, and professionally — I knew that I would regret not documenting, reflecting upon, and processing the shifts through my writing. Months later, I don’t think I would be as emotionally stable and at peace with everything that happened if not for Dave and the support, space-holding, and reflection he provided in our Writer’s Group of Two.”— Patsy Culp, Founder of ‘And Celebrate’ Event Planning and Brand Strategy

joecDave is hell-bent on helping you–no matter what. He takes the time to truly get to know you as a person, which is rare in this day and age of people merely trying to increase list numbers, followers, and likes. He takes the time to know your interests, goals, and aspirations on a deep level. And because he does this, he can either help you, or he can connect you to others who may be able to help you. When you’re around Dave, things just seem to fall in place and happen.”Joseph Choi, Author and Copywriter
“Dave’s creative teachings have been life-altering for me. For the first time in my life, there is resounding forward motion as a creative. My writing is POURING out these days. For as long as I can remember, I have always played roles that people expected of me. That’s all changing now. I have my writing to thank. I have Dave to thank. I’m picking up my own instrument and crooning my heart’s songs. You rock, Dave. I’m really glad to be a part of what you’re doing in the world.”Tracye Dukes, Former Writers’ Group Member, Creative Artist and Instructor (Tampa, FL)
“I would recommend that any writer gets on board with his creative teachings — because it is spearheaded by Dave Ursillo, a man who walks his talk and knows how to bring together amazing people who are devoted to creating unforgettable life experiences for themselves and others. He knows the courage needed to release your words, thoughts, and perspective into the world just so it can potentially be embraced or dismissed. And he knows what it takes to do it over and over again because as a writer, and to live, you must continue to breathe in this way.”Cheryl Chavarria, Former Writers’ Group Member, Real Estate Consultant and Author (Austin, TX)
jeanpI believe that Dave is not fully aware of his magic because he’s genuinely just there with you. He just ‘is.’ And over the past year, I’ve grown to respect him deeply as a creative professional, a coach, but most importantly, a friend. I’m not entirely sure where he’s pulled this depth and wisdom from, how he has found a way to so easily relate to all the jagged and disparate parts of my life, but he does it with such ease and confidence. I’m free to be unapologetic and dig deep into my layers.”Jean Powell, Director of Sales at MiiR
jasonvOne of the greatest decisions I’ve made has been to connect with Dave Ursillo. He has quickly become a role model in the ways that he lives a life of self-reliance, authenticity, honesty, and openness. I really appreciate him and all that he does—including beyond The Literati Writers. The world really needs more Dave Ursillos walkin’ around. There’d be high-fiving on every corner.”Jason Vanfosson, Instructor at Western Michigan University
sarahnThere stands Dave Ursillo, a different kind of leader: a humble, genuine and generous one. He consistently engages with his community in a way that boggles my mind. Dave’s gentle way of pushing the creative envelope is just one of the reasons why I listen to what he has to say. I plan to swim in his circle for as long as I can because his leadership is dynamite.”Sarah Nicotra Hutchison, Literati Writer and Founder of Spiritual Momma
“This group has had such a positive impact on me, and I can’t thank Dave and The Literati Writers enough for that. Not only has my writing gotten better, but I feel like I have evolved as a person as well. Dave and the folks in the group have widened my perspective from a writing, mental, and spiritual perspective. And, I am forever grateful for that.”Matt C., Former Writers’ Group Member (Chicago, IL)
“Simply being around The Literati Writers has given me so much more than anything else in the past eight months — I finally feel like I’m on the right track. Thank you for bringing awesome people together and creating such a supportive community.”Amy O., Former Writers’ Group Member and Personal Investment Adviser (Portland, OR)
milom“My identity as a writer has shifted dramatically. Dave made me into a published author. Seeing my name in a printed book was like I was finally declaring my truth to the world. I’m now earning enough money from writing and blogging to pay my mortgage and bills (and a little extra for those essential flat white lattes!). I’m more confident than ever that I’m on the right path.”Milo McLaughlin, Former Writers’ Group Member and Content Writer (Edinburgh, OR)
dianep“Dave Ursillo is a writing teacher with heart. His ability to look at my words with precision and care was enough to give me the courage to keep going. The advice he offers to writers is invitational, completely compassionate, and inspires choice to flow. Dave is someone, and I can say this with assurance, who can help your writing flourish.”Diane Pauley, Former Writers’ Group Member and Business Coach (Stamford, CT)
jilliank“Dave creates a dedicated, sacred space to help me keep moving forward as a writer, and it’s clear his power is to help others do the same. To him, there are no wrong answers, just a common intention towards creation and movement forward. Speaking with Dave feels like speaking with someone who sparks my imagination.” Jillian K., Former Writers’ Group Member (Philadelphia, PA)
clareh“Being a member of Dave’s online writers’ group was a great asset to my burgeoning writing business. I have so much gratitude for Dave in gathering this group of budding creatives and entrepreneurs with such big hearts. Big thanks to you, Dave, for allowing me to be a part of this.”Clare H., Communications Manager at Amnesty International (Dublin, Ireland)
beatriz“Dave was in my dream a few days ago: he was at the front of a classroom and encouraging me to ‘Write, write, write,’ asking me why I wasn’t writing, why I was holding back. My subconscious associates Dave as a natural writing mentor and the leadership he gives to his writing clients proves it.”Beatriz A., Coach and Consultant (Philadelphia, PA)
“A bit more than a month ago, I had a chat with Dave about a struggle I was having around self-editing while I was trying to write. One of his simple suggestions for getting around this impediment I made for myself in writing was to experiment with new styles of writing. Well, over 50,000 words later, I can say that his teaching works.”Joshua Harbert, Response Copywriting and Marketing Pro (Chicago, IL)
kadena“I enjoyed my months and months as a member of Dave’s writers’ group, tremendously. Every single creative person who gathers around Dave does so because their heart leads their deeds. They are the kind of folks you can find good company in, and they will inspire you as they have me, to be better. Thank you, Dave!”Kadena Tate, Business Coach and Consultant (Dallas, TX)
jeaninec“With steadfast compassion, patience, and wisdom far beyond his years, Dave holds space for the possibilities of your writing, and your life, to emerge in ways you anticipated — and those you could not expect. Dave has motivated me, set an example I wish to follow by walking his talk, and helped both hold me accountable for my goals while also celebrating the results as he helps guide their beautiful unfolding.”Jeanine Cerundolo, Former Writers’ Group Member Poet and Certified Yoga Teacher (Brooklyn, NY)


“When I traveled a few weeks ago, the border patrol asked me what I do and on instinct, I said, ‘I’m a writer.’ What a huge benchmark that is! My growth has come, in no small part, due to the support and lessons and encouragement from Dave. Thanks to your rad writing community, I can proudly call myself a writer with confidence. Thank you for that!”Megan A., Former Writers’ Group Member and Product Designer (Lansing, MI)

“I love The Literati Writers! I’m so grateful because, for the longest time, I’ve been around people who are interested in writing but don’t write. Now, I feel like I learn and grow just by being in this group’s amazing and supportive energy.”Lauryn Doll, Publisher and SEO Strategist (Dallas, TX)
“Thanks to Dave Ursillo and his writing group, The Literati Writers, writing has become second nature to me again. This writing group has changed my life. It’s that simple. Just by joining, my passion for the craft has increased threefold. I love it.”Levi H., Poet, Photographer and HR Professional (Ocean Springs, MS)
“If you’re a writer — in your heart, no matter the labels — you have got to get on board with Dave Ursillo, without a doubt! You will find wisdom, entertainment, encouragement and a cataclysmic community around him that is filled with love. He cultivates a place where writers encourage, inspire, share ideas and provide a captivating perspective from their part of the world.”Sang Thi Duong, Senior Sales Director and Copywriter (Kansas City, MO)
“I’m psyched to be sharing creative and supportive space with fellow writers that Dave has inviting in. Because in life, as in art, it’s the intersections and overlaps of people, shapes, colors, and ideas that come together to create beautiful magic. Dave’s teachings invite this kind of magic to happen.”Cassia Cogger, Artist, Author and Painter (Glastonbury, CT)
tomm“Having a place like The Literati Writers to publicly make a commitment is so helpful in getting me to my desk and holding myself accountable to the goals I set for myself. So thank you–-I really appreciate it.”Tom Meitner, Direct Response Copywriter(Milwaukee, MI)
ronat“Dave, I’ve got to thank you for starting The Literati Writers. I am writing more frequently again. I’m allowing the writing to come out of me in the ways it wants to, without restraint. My inner judge has been disrobed and has helped me access a lot more of the fun of being me!”Dr. Rona Thau, Writer and Health Expert (San Francisco, CA)

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