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About the Creator, Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is a lifelong writer, 12-time author, retreats leader and teacher of yoga and creative self-expression. After September 11, 2001, Dave set out on a career path in public service with hopes of making positive change in the world. He left the world of politics in 2009 after seeing the need to help people express their inner leadership in their everyday lives. Unavoidable Writing is an intuitive framework he created after 5+ years of work with 300 writers from 12 countries. Dave has been seen on CBS News Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, INC, Forbes, CreativeLive, and has published over 500 articles on his online home, DaveUrsillo.com.


Praise for Dave’s Teachings

“Dave’s creative teachings have been life-altering for me. For the first time in my life, there is resounding forward motion as a creative. My writing is pouring out these days!” –Tracye D., Former Writers’ Group Member, Creative Artist and Instructor (Tampa, FL)

“I would recommend that any writer get on board with his creative teachings — because it is spearheaded by Dave Ursillo, a man who walks his talk and knows how to bring together amazing people who are devoted to creating unforgettable life experiences for themselves and others.” –Cheryl C., Former Writers’ Group Member, Real Estate Consultant and Author (Austin, TX)

“Not only has my writing gotten better, but I feel like I have evolved as a person as well.” –Matt C., Former Writers’ Group Member (Chicago, IL)

“My identity as a writer has shifted dramatically. Dave made me into a published author. I’m more confident than ever that I’m on the right path.” –Milo M., Former Writers’ Group Member and Content Writer (Edinburgh, OR)

“Dave Ursillo is a writing teacher with heart. His ability to look at my words with precision and care was enough to give me the courage to keep going.” –Diane P., Former Writers’ Group Member and Business Coach (Stamford, CT)

“Dave creates a dedicated, sacred space to help me keep moving forward as a writer, and it’s clear his power is to help others do the same. To him, there are no wrong answers, just a common intention towards creation and movement forward. Speaking with Dave feels like speaking with someone who sparks my imagination.” –Jillian K., Former Writers’ Group Member (Philadelphia, PA)

“Being a member of Dave’s online writers’ group was a great asset to my burgeoning writing business. I have so much gratitude for Dave in gathering this group of budding creatives and entrepreneurs with such big hearts. Big thanks to you, Dave, for allowing me to be a part of this.” –Clare H., Communications Manager at Amnesty International (Dublin, Ireland)

“Dave was in my dream a few days ago: he was at the front of a classroom and encouraging me to ‘Write, write, write,’ asking me why I wasn’t writing, why I was holding back. My subconscious associates Dave as a natural writing mentor, and the leadership he gives to his writing clients proves it.” –Beatriz A., Coach and Consultant, (Philadelphia, PA)