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Why Unavoidable Writing is Switching to a ‘Live Guided’ Model (And What That Means for You)

Hey all,

This is Dave Ursillo here, the creator and teacher of Unavoidable Writing.

Today, I’m excited to share with you an update to the format of this writing course, which exists to help you break through “writer’s block” and creative resistance for good through a three-part system that opens up your conscientious reflection and inner work through purposeful self-expression.

This course format change is something that I’m super excited about and have been planning for some time:

Effective Spring 2019, Unavoidable Writing will be primarily offered in a “live guided” course format, inviting you and a small class of conscientious creative peers into private webinars for group dialogue, lesson lecture, Q+A, live creative exercises and prompt writing, plus occasional guest speakers, and much more.

Up to three times every year, Unavoidable Writing will offer a brand new 7-week class experience: a unique “live guided” exploration of the course, its content, and more specifically your unique manifestations of creative struggle and resistance, right now.

You will be an active participant in bringing the content of Unavoidable Writing to life based on your real-time questions, active creative desires, shifting goals, evolving journey, and much more.

Best of all, when you sign up for ANY 7-week class experience… you get lifetime membership to Unavoidable Writing and ALL future “live guided” classes.

Let me say that again, because that’s huge.

When you invest in this course once, you receive:

  • Instant access to the full 40-lesson course, right away
  • Full, active student participation in the next scheduled 7-Week Live Guided Class Experience
  • Full participation and access to ALL future 7-Week Live Guided Class Experiences, up to 3x yearly, as a lifetime member!
  • That’s a $1,575 value (per year!) for just one investment of $525 (by default, split into 2 easy payments for your convenience)

Each 7-Week Live Guided Class Experience includes 4 webinars featuring lesson lecture, group coaching, round-table Q+A, creative exercises and prompts, and even the occasional guest speaker.

As a lifetime member, you get to continually revisit the course content in real-time and jump-start your writing journey in the future without any additional cost to you.

This is a big shift away from traditional self-guided e-course model and toward a living, breathing teaching format that brings you and me face-to-face (if digitally!) for a much more thorough, valuable, interactive and supportive experience.

While rank and file of “online marketers” will continually try to sell you on the “value” of a bunch of stuff you download to your hard drive (and maybe never use) or a static course that doesn’t listen to your needs (let alone respond to your questions), this all-new “live guided” Unavoidable Writing course format creates intimate and experiential containers to truly revolutionize your writing… all while helping you to feel genuinely seen, heard, understood, valued and appreciated.

Why is this change happening? Last November, I was hosted in London for a remote video instructor “boot camp” after being hired as a teaching consultant by an Israeli-based educational startup. What became startlingly clear throughout my training was that, despite the popularity of e-courses nowadays, statistics show that only around 15% of e-courses purchased are ever actually completed.

That means 85% of investments made into self-guided e-courses are wasted.

That is a significant amount of good intention, heartfelt desire, and dedicated hope being squandered…

…in large part, because the format of self-guided e-courses does not help students.

I hope that you’ll see this multi-month, multi-year commitment that I’m making to you as a prospective student of Unavoidable Writing as a clear intention of my desire to serve you and to help you fall in love with your creative self-expression again.

This format change isn’t a gimmick, it’s my best offering of invitation for you to come into professional working relationship with me, even from afar, so that we can work together in a series of constructive, positive, helpful creative containers.

So, that’s my big announcement: a far cry from a hollow sales pitch.

This shift in model is my way of doubling down against the odds and the trends of what “online marketers” are probably inundating you with these days… and, despite that, trying to do something new and different that deeply sees and serves you, no matter where you are in your journey.

Oh, and here’s the upcoming schedule for the first ever Live Guided Course Experience this Spring 2019:

  • Saturday, May 4 at 12PM EST: “Turning Resistance Into Refuge”
  • Saturday, May 18 at 12PM EST: “The Fear Shadow and Making Writing Your Home”
  • Saturday, June 1 at 12PM EST: “The Guilt Shadow and Finding Creative Direction”
  • Saturday, June 15 at 12PM EST: “The Shame Shadow and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome”

To learn more, visit the Course page. To sign up for your Lifetime Membership for just $525, click here.

Thank you for reading!

Here’s to seeing you inside the course soon,

Dave Ursillo