It’s Time to Turn Your Resistance Into Your Refuge

What If Your Struggle Is Meant To Be Your Teacher?

Unavoidable Writing offers a groundbreaking approach to overcoming writer’s block, stuckness, and starving artist syndrome by reframing struggles as sources for mindful personal learning and creative growth.

From writer, author, and teacher Dave Ursillo, Unavoidable Writing invites you to reconsider your writing as an ongoing vessel for self-knowledge — through which, your self-expression may flow for months to come.

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I’ve Been Beating the Pavement to Bring This Unconventional Approach to Writing to You

For more than 7 years, I’ve found myself in a role of teaching, coaching, and supporting writers who struggle to “get out of their own way” on their creative journeys.

I’ve worked with more than 400 writing clients as a coach and guide while teaching over 4,000 students in workshops, conferences, yoga classes, and retreats across 4 continents. The result has been this intuitive system for facing what you’re avoiding the most.

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It’s Time To Embrace “Avoidance” as the Pathway of Creative Growth

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