Turn what you’re resisting into your refuge

Imagine discovering a source for healthful, helpful self-expression that not only develops your voice and writing skills, but moves your soul in the process.

Unavoidable Writing is an enriching, intuitive, and entirely supportive writing e-course for people who want to write more, but can’t seem to get past their resistance to writing:

  • From where does the inner friction of creativity arise?
  • Is it possible to transcend the creative struggle — or even, embrace it as a source for writing?

Unavoidable Writing says yes.

This course ushers you through an intimate series of 57 reflective lessons, conscientiously laid out in an invigorating and inspiring narrative. You’ll be guided through perspective shifting stories, real life examples from other writers, plus more than two dozen writing prompts and creative exercises along the way.

Consider this the start of your creative revolution.

Learn how to acknowledge and embrace what you’re avoiding as a gateway into momentous self-expression. Join 12-time author and writing teacher, Dave Ursillo, as you turn fear into the fuel to light your writing fire for months to come.

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Students are saying…

“I’m only in Part 1 of Unavoidable Writing and I’ve had a huge aha moment already. The reflection prompt about my initial introduction to writing and how it’s informed my relationship to writing broke my brain (in a good way). Just. Woah!”

–Jess G. in Virginia

About the creator…

Dave Ursillo is a writer, yogi, shamanic storyteller, 12-time author and teacher of creative self-expression. Formerly an aspiring political speechwriter, Dave abandoned the world of public service with a dream to use his words to make positive change in the world. After more than 5 years of working closely with 300 writers from 12 countries, Dave developed Unavoidable Writing to teach an intuitive framework for turning personal points of resistance, struggle, or blockage into a precise pathway for effortless writing. Learn more about Dave at DaveUrsillo.com 


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