The Unavoidable Life℠: A Yearlong Life-Coaching Experience

The Unavoidable Life℠ is a year-long life coaching where you are guided, mentored and supported through the deep inner work, worldly exploration, and methods of expressing yourself throughout your life, from relationships to business, art, and service offerings. What would it feel like to experience two years’ worth of growth in a single calendar year? You are the curriculum, the content, and the process. Experience profoundly supportive evolution, mindful behavioral change, and resilience of mind, heart, and spirit. Starts at $395/mo. Apply Now »

How Do You Define Success?

And have you ever defined “success” for yourself?

For me, the mark of a successful year is a year in which I feel as though I have lived two years’ worth of life in one.

I’m not talking about hollow accomplishments, either.

I’m talking about how much I’ve personally efforted, and pushed myself to learn and grow, and defied my comfort zones and self-limiting beliefs, and expanded into what feels like a more real and true version of myself.

My definition of success is a life that feels fully and well “lived-in.”

I feel like I have succeeded when I look back over one single calendar year and it feels like I have had two years’ worth of growth, living, and expanding.

And in 2019, I can honestly say that I feel as though I have lived two years’ worth of life in one.

What would it feel like for you to experience two years’ worth of living, exploring, expanding, creating and sharing — in just one calendar year?

But how do you do it? Where do you begin?

The journey begins by embracing what I call The Unavoidable Life.


“Dave brings deep experience and devotion to his teachings. What a gift to study with such a kind, smart and compassionate man!”Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling Author and Teacher

“I’ve known Dave as a teacher of writing for nearly a decade — I can’t recommend working with him highly enough!”Jenny Blake, Author of Pivot and Life After College

What is The Unavoidable Life?

The Unavoidable Life℠ is a year-long coaching experience where you are guided through the deep inner work, worldly exploration, and methods of expressing yourself in your everyday life, relationships, business, art, and service offerings in the world.

What would it feel like to experience two years’ worth of growth in a single calendar year?

In The Unavoidable Life℠, you are the curriculum, the content, and the coaching process.

A blend of supportive coaching calls and guided written reflections to create gradual shifts and changes over time, The Unavoidable Life℠ applies a wide spiritual philosophy based in far-ranging studies on journaling and creative exercises as pragmatic tools for slow self-examination in an attention-deficit age.

Experience profoundly supportive evolution, mindful behavioral change, and resilience of mind, heart, and spirit. is a monthly, 1-on-1 coaching experience for purpose-driven people who feel slightly askew from living the fully-expressed life that they desire, and could use some personal support for examining and exploring the qualities, values, questions, and approaches that could support living their best lives.

Over one year, you’ll explore — and express — your way into what feels equivalent to two full years’ worth of heightened self-knowledge, a codified set of personal values, and a slew of written artifacts to help you embrace a more satisfyingly “lived-in” life, inside and out.

How The Unavoidable Life℠ Works.

#1) A 1-Hour Coaching Session, Every-Other-Week, for 12 Months.

Depth, exploration, commitment. We engage in a potent series of recurring coaching sessions, which act as the basis for our you with a built-in structure for gentle accountability, continuous support, and deep personal support for getting your writing unstuck, for good.

#2) Each Coaching Session Summarized, Placed into Narrative Context, and Explained

After each coaching call, you receive a full session summary and recap articulated from your coach’s point of view: expertly placed into narrative context to help you precisely understand where you are in your journey, right now. You’ll chart and track major themes, anticipate trends, and stay on the front foot of learning and growth throughout your coaching.

#3) Bespoke Journaling Prompts to Guide Your Reflection, Self-Examination, and Re-Storying.

You’ll embrace the art of personal journaling as a resource, practice, and discipline in exploring your inner world. Bespoke journaling prompts are delivered after each coaching session and become your explorative focus in between calls. In your journal, your task is to develop stronger rapport to self-reflection by using the actual words and rewriting the stories that comprise your narrative understanding of self, life, and your goals.

#4) Sessions Recorded and Privately Archived For Future Listening.

Hear how you instinctively explain, understand, and commit to growth. Every audio call is recorded, archived in your personal Google Drive folder, and sent along to you within 1 day for your downloading and future re-listening. The power of listening back to your coaching sessions is that it’s like getting two coaching sessions in one: the first, you’re simply present for; the second, you hear again but in a whole new context.

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“Dave taught me to think like a leader. He’s guided me to believe in myself more, and now I’m sharing more of my voice in the world.”Amy Clover, Fitness Personality

“Dave’s got this genius ability to help people deeply understand themselves and connect to the core of their own being.”Jacob Sokol, Life Coach

I’m Dave, and I’ll Guide You Through Your Experience of The Unavoidable Life.

As a lifelong student of myself, my inner world, and my avoidance, I’ve come to mark the most successful and “well lived-in” years of my life by looking back and feeling like a calendar year lasted for two years, not one.

Over many years of my last decade of life — including my work as a coach and writer, and my ongoing self-exploration practices — single years feel far longer than single years. Spans of three months feel like 5 or 6 months ago; six months feel like a full 12 months past.

Over the last decade, my work has spanned platform building as a writer, professional blogging, self-publishing 5 books, copywriting for nonprofits and businesses, storytelling for professionals, creative consulting, and teaching hundreds of workshops, seminars, classes and retreats on 4 continents for over 4,000 students.

I began my professional writing career in 2009 when I quit my job in politics and left a career in public service behind.

Disheartened to the state of politics, which seemed to be serving powerful peoples’ self-interests more than people who needed help the most, I let go of my dream to become a Presidential speechwriter someday and instead decided to start sharing my own words in my own voice with the world.

Years later, I found myself being sought out by fellow writers and creatives for support with their writing. I started to produce support materials like writing prompts for writers that inspired genuine writing to get done. So, I started an online writers’ group called The Literati Writers in 2012. For four years, we served over 300 member writers with weekly writing prompts, online workshops, monthly author interviews and more.

Today, I’ve synthesized all that I’ve learned into my writing platform, Unavoidable Writing, and this coaching offering.

I’m good at getting into the heart of your story, struggles, and desires with haste from my developed intuition, deep empathy, and visioning skills, which I’ve trained through meditation, yoga, spiritual disciplines, and more.

Combined with my years’ worth of writing and my experience supporting a diverse range of creative souls across the world, in as little as a few conversations, I’ll understand the heart of your experience. I care about you, my client, and consider you a friend, not a transaction.

That’s why I’m here to help you live your Unavoidable Life.

Let’s uncover the hidden qualities of voice that make your journey much more rewarding, plus, key elements of narrative psychology and spiritual growth that will stick with you for years to come.

Begin to Live Your Unavoidable Life

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The Unavoidable Life℠ is available to limited clients at any given time, so apply now. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll set a conversation to meet, discuss your goals, and explore immediate ways to support your Unavoidable Life — whether you ultimately sign up or not.

Evolution Package (12 Months)
A Year-Long Coaching Experience
True Depth: Two (2), 1-Hour Coaching Sessions Monthly (1x Every Other Week)
A Storied Journey: Receive a Narrative Summary & Call Recap After Every Coaching Session
Listen Back, and Live Again: Receive Full Session Recordings and Transcripts to Post-Process Your Coaching Experience


Expect a response within a couple of days. I personally review each application.

Testimonials from Clients

“My coaching sessions with Dave created a profound shift in my relationship to writing and the role that it plays in my life. I thought I was seeking someone who would ‘kick my ass’ and get me to write more often. I came away from our coaching realizing that I don’t need to pursue writing out of fear if I don’t immediately become a prolific author. Without the unnecessary suffering that writing can carry with it, I can now enjoy my writing as a form of self-expression that creates more ease in my life.”— Rolando Peraza, Freelance Writer

“I had two goals when I started my coaching: to understand my signature story and to finally start writing my first book. I not only came into a better relationship with my writing but with myself. The way Dave held space for me was incredibly powerful: intuitive, intelligent and considerate. I often joked with Dave that he was not only writing coach, but my life coach, my business coach, and my therapist, all rolled into one! Everything that I threw at him, he helped me transform into creative fuel.”— Nikki Groom, Small Business Growth Coach

“I reached out to Dave to sharpen my voice and specialization in my field. Through Dave’s coaching support and custom journaling prompts, I gained new insights and perspectives that allowed me to see patterns, blocks, and opportunities to re-story my approach and more forward. Our work together bolstered my self-confidence and my value in my professional and personal life, which in turn has led to a new direction and a higher quality of life.”— Charlotte Love, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor

“Dave is a true life guide — patient, wise, and encouraging. When I started my coaching, I thought I would focus my writing in support of my business goals. But as I struggled and questioned my personal motivations to write, Dave helped me figure out my true priorities — not only as a writer but in how I wanted to express myself as a person. My evolution in the writing process was evident as I went from writing that tried to ‘convince’ others to writing that existed for my own inner understanding. The end result? I now have a relationship with writing that feels like it is truly my own.”— Tom Henell, Marketing, Leadership and Customer Acquisition Professional

“When I was facing major transitions in every aspect of my life — personally, with family, and professionally — I knew that I would regret not documenting, reflecting upon, and processing the shifts through my writing. Months later, I don’t think I would be as emotionally stable and at peace with everything that happened if not for Dave and the support, space-holding, and reflection he provided in our coaching.”— Patsy Culp, Founder of ‘And Celebrate’ Event Planning and Brand Strategy


About Your Coach, Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is a healer, teacher, and writer. Formerly an aspiring political speechwriter, Dave abandoned the world of public service with a dream to use his words to make a positive change in the world.

After more than 5 years of working closely with 300 writers from 12 countries, Dave developed Unavoidable Writing to teach an intuitive framework for turning personal points of resistance, struggle, or blockage into a precise pathway for effortless writing.

Learn more about Dave at