Listen Now: A Live-Recorded ‘Writer’s Group of Two’ Sample Session

By the time my former writers’ group client, “Woz” from New Mexico, hopped onto this “fact-finding” sample session with me, she had been struggling with her writing for months and months… and months.

It wasn’t always so. In fact, Woz was a former member of my online writers’ group, The Literati Writers, which I ran from 2012-2016, which eventually became the basis for my Unavoidable Writing philosophy.

Ever since Woz graduated from the writers’ group back in 2014, she and I have kept in touch.

But when I reached out to Woz earlier this year to check in on her writing — as I am often known to do with many of my past clients and students! — her response was rather shocking. What she said, precisely, you’ll hear on the call.

Offering to provide what help I could muster from afar, I asked Woz if we might hop on the phone and do an on-the-spot Writer’s Group of Two sample session. I recorded our conversation with her permission in order to share it with you.

Now you can listen to this unrehearsed, unscripted attempt to help this former client break through her avoidance of writing!

Start listening now:

On the call, you’ll hear…

  • An initial “fact-finding” exploration of this former client’s writing struggles, which had left her stuck with her writing for months
  • A trouble-shooting style brainstorm around how to help Woz realign her creative practices to her shifting goals
  • A true, unrehearsed, unscripted sense for how I help clients tap into resourceful creative solutions to their resistance to writing!

Be sure to listen for these specific moments:

  • What Woz was struggling with lately, in her own words
  • Dave’s on-the-spot diagnostic of Woz’s current “expression of avoidance”
  • How Woz was encouraged to interpret, receive, and hold space for life “off the page” as a resource for practicing writing “on the page”
  • The context for how Woz’s avoidance of writing was a reflection of “shadow stuff” potentially happening in her life beyond her writing
  • How positive promise or constructive potential with writing is oftentimes revealed to us through the exact path of the unwanted discomfort we’re experiencing
  • My actionable ideas to help Woz through her hang-ups, post haste!

What takeaways from this sample session do you think could help you with your writing, right now?

Take a moment to email me and let me know — I’d love to hear your responses to this call!

You can learn more about Writer’s Group of Two here, and if you’re interested in us possibly working together, submit your no-pressure application (it takes just 3 minutes) to set up a free introductory meet-and-greet call with me, Dave Ursillo.

We’ll discuss your writing needs and goals, and see if now is the right time to create your very own custom Writer’s Group of Two!

Happy listening,

“Without the unnecessary suffering that writing can carry with it, I can now enjoy my writing as a form of self-expression that creates more ease in my life.”Rolando Peraza, Freelance Writer

“I gained new insights and perspectives that allowed me to see patterns, blocks, and opportunities to re-story my approach and move forward.”Charlotte Love, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor

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