Coaching with Dave Ursillo

One-on-one coaching with Dave Ursillo is born of thousands of meticulous hours of tried-and-true practice from a professional writer and author who’s been living what he preaches for more than 11 years.

Expect more than hollow “coachy” conversations, one-size-fits-all advice (that you’ve heard a hundred times before), or a vague system of “personal growth” regurgitated from some other coaching program’s workbooks.

On top of his own lived-in experiences as a creative entrepreneur, Dave has worked alongside hundreds of writers — more than 300 worldwide — and thousands of students — over 4,000 in in-person and online classes — to develop his highly intuitive coaching systems that personalize cornerstone teachings and help you achieve your creative, professional, and personal goals.

Writer’s Group of Two℠

Writer’s Group of Two℠ is a monthly, 1-on-1 creativity coaching experience for writers, creative self-starters, aspiring authors, and content creators that blends personal support, creative goal-setting, week-to-week accountability, and personalized guidance from a multi-published author.

Full of unparalleled seenness, extraordinary personal support, and helpful advice, this unique coaching partnership supports all of the expressions that you intend to put out into the world.

Where other “hands-off” coaching programs typically fall short and “hands-on” writers’ groups don’t do enough, Writer’s Group of Two℠ sets the perfect container to help you — the writer behind the writing — understand the essential qualities for ideal creative output, alongside all of your creative goals, career needs, family life, and artistic learning curve.

Starts at $98/week.

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The Unavoidable Life℠

The Unavoidable Life℠ is a monthly, 1-on-1 coaching experience for purpose-driven people who feel slightly askew from living the fully-expressed life that they desire, and could use some personal support for examining and exploring the qualities, values, questions, and approaches that could support living their best lives.

A blend of supportive coaching calls and guided written reflections to create gradual shifts and changes over time, The Unavoidable Life℠ applies a wide spiritual philosophy based in far-ranging studies on journaling and creative exercises as pragmatic tools for slow self-examination in an attention-deficit age.

In as little as three months, you’ll explore — and express — your way into heightened self-knowledge, a codified set of personal values, and a slew of written artifacts to help you embrace a more satisfyingly “lived in,” inside and out.

Starts at $57/week.

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The Unavoidable Method℠

The Unavoidable Method℠ takes the holistic philosophy of Unavoidable Writing, designed for helping writers and creatives transcend their blocks and resistance to self-expression, and removes the “artistry” angle to offer an intuitive, intelligent, compelling methodology that helps people of all ages better contextualize what is holding them back from experiencing more fulfillment, satisfaction, and success in their lives.

Using mindfulness and self-awareness practices to increase intuitive response and emotional intelligence, this methodology offers students practical simple steps toward sustainable behavioral change.

With applications as wide as small business and creative entrepreneurship, professional and career development, personal wellness and healing, healthful living, social change and politics, family and relationships, and more, The Unavoidable Way℠ as guest taught by creator Dave Ursillo can contribute enormous wealth, a diversity of perspectives, and a nuanced reinterpretation of what holds us back from expressing our fullest and most satisfying lives.

Learn how The Unavoidable Method℠ can become a major contributor to your e-course, destination retreat, yoga teacher training, or corporate training program.

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