Hi, I’m Dave Ursillo, the creator of Unavoidable Writing.

Unavoidable Writing is a system for holistic self-expression — a timely, urgent answer to the online world’s fever pitch of unhelpful advice, constant noise, and disembodied recommendations that typically send writers into states of lingering anxiety, confusion, and frustration.

What if your struggle was meant to become your teacher, not something to bury under your avoidance?

That’s the guiding question behind Unavoidable Writing, and my e-course and workshops of the same name.

I first created and debuted Unavoidable Writing as a beta e-course in December 2017, and the philosophy and approach have evolved ever since into this full ensuite platform. Today, that includes free offerings like blog posts, journaling prompts and downloadable worksheets; live in-person workshops; occasional webinars, and even a forthcoming podcast.

How We Got Here

I’m a self-employed creative entrepreneur who left his former career in public service to pursue a life of leadership and personal autonomy through my love of writing more than 10 years ago.

As I built my platform as a professional writer and multi-published author in 2012, I found myself assuming the role of teacher, coach, and guide to hundreds of writers, creatives, artists, and conscientious creators from around the world.

I was being sought out for help and advice from writers who, in their own words, wanted to write more, but couldn’t get past the struggles and discomfort that their writing seemed to bring up, time and time again.

These writers also told me that competitive feelings among fellow writers, especially in writers’ groups, made them feel isolated in their creative journeys, and that a lot of “advice” they found online contradicted itself or did more harm than good.

To create our own solution, I founded a private membership online writers’ group called The Literati Writers.

After creating hundreds of bespoke writing prompts, hosting dozens of interviews with best-selling authors, and personally coaching writers aged 22 to 72 through their struggles with writing and creativity, I began to develop a system for supporting writers of all levels to transcend their discomfort and find refuge from their writing practices.

Unavoidable Writing was born.

What’s Coming Next

These days, I’m sharing everything that I’ve learned — and continue to learn! — through Unavoidable Writing, a writing system, personal wellness philosophy, and outlook on life that I truly believe can help you cultivate a more rewarding and sustainable relationship to the written word.

At the very least, my hundreds of clients and I are living proof of that!

On UnavoidableWriting.com, you’ll find advice, guidance, writing prompts and support that helps you ditch the woe-is-me routine, escape “starving artist syndrome,” and stop telling the story of “writer’s block” for good.

Are you ready to get writing?

Begin by exploring the Unavoidable Writing e-course to spend some quality hours transforming your relationship to writing, or one-on-one coaching for a real depth of personal support in a smart, creative container.

“Dave brings deep experience and devotion to his teachings. What a gift to study with such a kind, smart and compassionate man!”Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling Author and Teacher

“I’ve known Dave as a teacher of writing for nearly a decade — I can’t recommend working with him highly enough!”Jenny Blake, Author of Pivot and Life After College


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