Hi, I’m Dave Ursillo, the creator of Unavoidable Writing.

Unavoidable Writing is a system for holistic self-expression — a timely, urgent answer to the online world’s fever pitch of unhelpful advice, constant noise, and usually disembodied recommendations that typically send writers into states of lingering anxiety, confusion, and frustration.

I created Unavoidable Writing as an e-course in December 2017, and the philosophy and approach have evolved ever since into a full ensuite platform that includes free resources and blog posts, live workshops, occasional webinars, and even a forthcoming podcast.

I’m a self-employed creative entrepreneur who left his former career in public service to pursue a life of leadership and personal autonomy through my love of writing more than 10 years ago.

As I built my platform as a professional writer and multi-published author, in 2012 I found myself assuming the role of teacher, coach, and guide to hundreds of writers, creatives, artists, and conscientious creators from around the world in a private membership online writers’ group that I founded called The Literati Writers. After creating hundreds of bespoke writing prompts, hosting dozens of interviews with best-selling authors, and personally coaching writers aged 22 to 72 through their struggles with writing and creativity, I began to develop a system for supporting writers of all levels to transcend their discomfort and find refuge from their writing practices.

These days, I’m sharing everything that I’ve learned — and continue to learn — through Unavoidable Writing, a writing system, personal wellness philosophy, and outlook on life that I guarantee can help you cultivate a more rewarding and sustainable relationship to the written word.

On UnavoidableWriting.com, you’ll find advice, guidance, writing prompts and support that helps you ditch the woe-is-me routine, escape “starving artist syndrome,” and stop telling the story of “writer’s block” for good.