Unavoidable Writing / Turn Resistance Into Refuge

Turn your writing resistance into your refuge.

Unavoidable Writing is a revolutionary approach to overcoming writer’s block, creative stuckness and starving artist syndrome. From healer, teacher and writer Dave Ursillo (DaveUrsillo.com), this writing course invites you along a three-part journey into the heart of what you’re avoiding. Flip typically over-masculinized writing advice upside down and learn how to embrace writing as a self-healing practice in self-awareness. Guided by journaling prompts, creative exercises and unique perspectives, you’ll turn even the most stubborn inner resistance into a source of creative refuge for years to come. $274. Available now for a limited time.

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After five years of work alongside hundreds of writers from around the world, I began to notice a startling pattern.

It wasn’t the skill-building side of writing that they were struggling with.

It wasn’t so much the tactical approach or the goal-setting of their writing dreams that caused them so much struggle. It was something deeper.

It was something far more personal, and fundamentally human, that was holding these hundreds of writers back from fully expressing themselves.

And the biggest problem of all was that so much so-called “writing advice” did nothing to help my writing clients learn how to write more and write better by examining the experience of being the writer behind the writing.

When my writing clients had finally come to me, it was because they were halfway to being emotionally broken after following years’ worth (for some, decades’ worth) of “advice” for writers that was so anxiety-inducing, pressure-cooking, self-brutalizing, and quietly tormenting that they were close to quitting writing, altogether.

Turning all of the nuance, beauty and artfulness of writing into an industrial production line of word-count goals or accruing 10,000 hours of dedicated practice (to become “an expert”), the very advice that most writers trust and follow today actually teaches them to distrust themselves, to defy their feeling-states, and to disregard the journey as a mere obstruction on the path to their goals:

  • Writing-timers, word-count goals and daily writing challenges pit you against yourself, forcing you into states of anxiety and discomfort that will sooner burn you down than create a sustainable practice
  • Over-masculinized creative advice, born of an over-masculinized Western culture, fetishize the idea of fighting against resistance, and warring against the odds, and “just putting your head down” to “muscle through” and “hustle” and “do what it takes to get it done”

Even when the advice isn’t so torturous, other popular writing resources of today thrive on compelling you to set a huge, probably-overly-ambitious writing goal… like writing a book, getting a 6-figure publishing deal, or landing on Oprah’s Book Club couch someday… even though you may not genuinely desire that from your writing.

If you are anything like many of my writing clients, you might set that huge (and undesired) goal, anyway. Because you don’t know where else to start.

Anxiety-inducing approaches. Disregard for intuition. Outcome-dependent goals. Tough-it-out tactics that erase the joy, beauty and experience of the creative journey…

It’s no wonder why so many writers start to believe that their writing is actually the source of their struggle.

I began to take the exact opposite approach with my writing clients. I wanted my clients to stop ignoring how they were feeling.

Instead, I began to teach my writers to embrace the precise feeling of struggle, stuckness or resistance that they were feeling as a teacher that existed to inform them of what they were avoiding… on the page, and off the page.

What began to change for those writers was absolutely incredible.

Word-counts began to accrue. Writing skills developed. Writers reconnected to their love of writing.

But how did it happen? What got them “unstuck”?

Wherever we are blocked in writing, we are also blocked elsewhere in our lives.

Writing is always a reflection of the writer.

When the writing is flowing, it’s because the writer is flowing.

When the writing is stuck, it’s because the writer is stuck.

By turning into the precise feelings of avoidance that were manifesting in their writing practices, my writing clients began to rediscover the power of using their writing not only as a tool for communicating ideas and stories… but as a personal pathway for illuminating the subconscious hesitations and discomfort beneath the surface of their writing projects.

In other words, my writing clients returned to the use of personal writing as a resource for inner healing, and continually recognizing their values and desires.

Writing became a facilitator of alignment between their “inner world” and “outer world.”

While most writing advice told them to neglect who they were and what they were feeling, by embracing writing as a practice in deep self-awareness first, my writer clients rediscovered a practice for soul-growth that naturally unlocked their passion for writing again.

Unavoidable Writing was born.

Today, more than 5 years later and with thousands of hours of tried-and-true experience, all the lessons I’ve taught across the world have been synthesized into a smart, intuitive course framework consisting of compact lessons, creative exercises and meaningful writing prompts that usher you into a newfound and self-supportive practice of writing.

With this course, you’ll learn how to turn your writing resistance into your refuge, once and for all.

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Introducing: Unavoidable Writing

Unavoidable Writing is a writing course that ushers you into the heart of your relationship to writing, because the relationship you have to writing is an extension of the relationship you have to yourself.

Mindful, holistic and experiential, Unavoidable Writing guides you through a personal journey to uncover, understand and heal your unique expressions of avoidance by conscientiously exploring the most common points of resistance that all writers tend to experience on their creative paths.

Blending yogic philosophy with practical application of prompts and exercises, Unavoidable Writing will teach you how to establish a self-supportive and highly sustainable personal writing practice that you can live alongside for years to come:

  • Take a 3-Part Journey to Turn Your Resistance Into Your Refuge. Dozens of original prompts, smart exercises, and guidance to show you how to evolve your personal journaling time into a self-support system for maximum creative self-expression.
  • Reclaim Your Writing from “The Three Shadows of Writing.” Fear, guilt, shame. They manifest as uncertainty, indecision, and imposter syndrome for the writer in you. You’ll learn how to identify these subtle shadow behaviors that not only hold you back in your writing, but elsewhere in your life.
  • Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs and Stories of Stuckness. You’ll understand the quiet ways we as humans learn how to subconsciously assign the story of writer’s block onto our creative practices. In the course, you’ll compare your own beliefs against a collection of 30+ common scripts that have been expressed by my writing clients over the years.
  • Discover “The Three Promises of Writing.” Home, harmony, wholeness. A practice that gives foundational stability to your life. A blend of embodiment and expression of your innermost values. A sense of mission, purpose and leadership in your life. Discover the ultimate potential of expressing yourself more fully in your writing, as in your life.

Without a whiff of goal-setting, pressure-intense timers or enormous word-count goals, this refreshingly supportive approach to “writing more” and “writing better” flips all the conventional writing advice that you’ve been told before on its head:

  • Embrace your budding writing practice as a self-support system that compliments, not imposes upon, your everyday life. Imagine feeling like writing isn’t a To Do, but what helps you navigate and awaken.
  • Harness how you feel as a trusted resource, not an obstacle, to your creative process. I’ll show you how emotional response tells you “where to go” or “what to do,” and can guide the content of what your heart wants you to write about.
  • Establish your very own writing practice without goal-setting, timers, or sharing. Instead, I’ll show you how to create a custom journaling style that highlights your core desired experiences, and quells the resistance that’s been holding you back for far too long.

If you know you want to write more, but you just can’t seem to get past the resistance to your writing… this course is for you.

Why “avoidance”? What does avoiding have to do with writing?

As human beings, we all have the tendency to avoid discomfort and uncertainty. It’s in our nature.

And yet, avoidance is rarely treated by creatives as a resource for personal learning. We’re often told to “do what we’re afraid of,” instead. I’ve discovered that the big difference between “What you’re afraid of” and “What you’re avoiding” is that avoiding means that a choice has already been made in the direction of what you’re avoiding.

You’re just… choosing it in a backwards, roundabout sort of way.

Avoidance reveals a path toward what we subconsciously associate as being meaningful, scary, intimidating, or where the most personal growth resides.

That’s why embracing our avoidance naturally guides us into the most meaningful and transformation experience as writers: because it transforms us as humans.

Acknowledging the “backwards choice” that your avoidance is revealing — and helping you to choose it, consciously — is why this course exists.

What You’ll Learn

Unavoidable Writing reframes the practice of writing away from being a “thing to do,” a “habit you have to maintain” or the occasional “30-day challenge.”

Instead, you will consider the space of your personal journal as an audacious act of self-care; a detoxification process for clearing doubts and clarifying direction; a continual conversation with the soul, which inspires feelings of cohesion, wholeness, and contentment along your journey:

  • Give yourself the dedicated practice space to more deeply understand your call to write, once and for all. You don’t need to be a “writer” in title or by profession: this course focuses on the writer behind the writing. That’s you!
  • Nix imposter-syndrome, woe-is-me, and other self-limiting beliefs that have bogged down your creativity for far too long. Unavoidable Writing will guide you into reconnecting to feelings of stability, joy, flow, and a stronger sense of self through your writing practice.
  • Awaken the full spectrum of the soul you are through intimate self-awareness practices that guide strength of character, self-knowledge, and actionable steps to expressing your soul-code in the world.

You’ll learn how to re-discover your personal writing practice as a consistent, ongoing conversation with the invisible code that governs your whole experience in life:

  • Create a Writing Environment. Learn how to establish a physical “home” for your writing practice by creating a writing space for your practice in ways that honor your desires, keeps you accountable to your writing, and makes you feel more “at home” within yourself, wherever you are.
  • Demystify Your Writing Desires. Place a voice to your whims, wishes, inclinations and curiosities… and witness your desires come to life. You’ll be shown how to source
  • Source Your Voice. You don’t need to invest a “brand new” and “totally unique” voice for yourself as a writer, especially when you’re just starting out. Instead, I’ll show you how to use writers, creatives, teachers and people around you whom you admire as a resource for discovering the unique values of your voice.
  • Breathe the Language of Your Soul to Life. Writing is a mirror that reflects back to us the state of experience that we, as writers, are living. Unavoidable Writing shows you how to “give a voice” to your invisible soul-code, the intangible essence that makes you who you are, so that you can always feel connected to your purpose.
  • Communicate Your Life-Philosophy. Learn two unique styles of extrapolating your deepest life-philosophy… in ways that are simple, refined, and highly communicable. You have nothing to prove to anyone anymore when you finally decipher and quietly embody your life-philosophy with you, wherever you go.
  • Play in Four Unique Styles of Journaling. Experiment and explore alongside four unique styles of personal journaling that are simple, fun, and highly effective in supporting you on any given day (especially if you’re experiencing avoidance in the moment)

With writing as an ongoing support system that exists to serve you whenever you need it, before long, any pressures that you may have previously felt to “perform” or “achieve” creatively — like penning the next great American novel, or starting a blog that becomes your full-time job,

Even the biggest goals you may have as a writer and a creative begin to feel easier, lighter, and more possible… when you’re starting from a place of peace, support, and foundational strength.

When the tool becomes a part of you, it’s all the easier to wield.


Why Unavoidable Writing works

Imagine writing becoming a friend, a guide, a shepherd and a companion along your creative journey, instead of a combatant. Imagine what you might write, share, speak, give, or create in the world.

Tragically, this philosophy is a far-cry from what most writers are taught these days.

Unavoidable Writing is so effective in transforming writers’ relationships to writing because it frames the journey of creative self-expression as an extension of your relationship to yourself.

Rather than obsessing over outcomes, end-goals or the raw skill-building exercises of writing, every writer requires an ever-deepening awareness of the “writer behind the writing” if s/he wants to live alongside the writing for long enough for its roots to take hold, deepen, and grow strong.

Here is what some of the earliest beta students of Unavoidable Writing have had to say about their experience with this course:

“I’m only in Part 1 and I’ve had a huge Aha! moment already. Just. Woah.” — Jess G. in Virginia

“Well holy shit. Yup. This chapter definitely resonated with me. I cried while reading the guilt scripts. I’ve thought almost all of them, in crippling and controlling ways.”  — Hope K. in Cambodia

“I’m almost done with Part 1 and I’m so… touched and impressed and surprised. To be very frank, not much out there feels new or exciting in the realm of self-realization for me. But *this* is impressive. Like, straight excellence.” — Laura V. in Florida

“I’ve been wanting to get my writing out there for a while, but I’ve had a hard time identifying what exactly is holding me back. But already, the idea of writing ‘just for my own enjoyment’ is really helping me reconnect to my writing.” — Rolando P. in California

“I’m feeling grateful for so many things in this world, and one of them is your writhing course. I love the fact that I can read your prompts, meditate on them, and then effortlessly write. Putting pen to paper for me has always been therapeutic to my soul, and your course is helping that therapy become routine again.”  — Bonnie D. in Rhode Island

“There is just so much good stuff in this course! I am making notes, scribbling new insights, and having reactions all over the place!” — Christianne M. in Colorado

Unavoidable Writing will show you the way forward in your writing, as in your life, because it guides you into witnessing the indelible connections between the two. “How we do anything,” as the saying goes, “is how we do everything.” The writer in you is the whole truth of you, even if it feels small, or uncertain, or like it would rather remain hidden.

When you give yourself to your writing, you give yourself to you. To the whole you.

That is what Unavoidable Writing will share with you.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who feels ready to answer the call of their writing desires… but know that they need to definitively move past a relationship of struggle, frustration and stuckness to the written word.

Unavoidable Writing is designed for writers, freelancers, self-starter personalities, introverts, creatives, bloggers, part-time journalers, homemakers, budding enthusiasts, aspiring authors, yogis, and conscientious souls.

All you need to know about “who you are” is that you’ve long felt called to the written word:

  • Perhaps writing was the first outlet of self-expression when you were younger.
  • Maybe writing was how you learned to communicate with the world.
  • Writing, for you, may make you feel more connected, grounded, self-supported and “on point” with your day-to-day life.
  • Writing could even be your full-time job, and yet you have been feeling farther and farther from the art form as an extension of your inner truth, voice, desires, and wholeness.

Writing means something to your soul. And you really want to give yourself to it…

…if you just knew how.

Because, where do you begin? Do you just sit down and write… something? Anything? For how long? And how much? How do you know if it’s any good? Or if you’re making progress? What’s the short-term goal of writing? What are the long-term benefits if you can muster up a practice and just keep going?

Whether your practice hasn’t endured long enough for you to really reap its benefits, or the calling to give yourself more deeply to your writing just keeps ringing truer and truer, all you really need to know is that this beautiful, elusive, mysterious form of self-expression will not soon be letting go of you.

If this is you, I’m inviting you today to answer the calling of writing within you:

  • No experience level, titles, or credentials required. This is not a course designed for full-time professional artists and best-selling authors. You are the only qualification required. Your desire to be at home within yourself, experience more harmony in your life, and embody wholeness in your world, are the only “credentials” you need.
  • No hard deadlines to meet, or critiquing, or shaming, or criticism. Sweet freedom! Using nothing more than gentle accountability and an open-door policy of personal support from creator Dave Ursillo, you will never feel pressured, singled-out, hurt or finger-wagged as an Unavoidable Writer.
  • Simply allow your “Inner Creative” to awaken. You’re already creative. It’s time to allow your Inner Creative to come out, again. Using self-diagnostic tools, quizzes, audio meditations, and other unconventional approaches, Unavoidable Writing guides you into your own unique understanding and relationship to the written word. Because your relationship to writing is based in your relationship to you.
  • Undo all of the over-masculinized writing advice you’ve been taught. Ya know, like self-brutalizing for the sake of “building mastery,” accruing 10,000 soul-deadening hours to “become an expert,” and other joyless nonsense that prioritizes outcome, reward and traditional measures of material success as the only path in life… nope, we will not be doing that here.
  • Un-industrialize your creative self-expression, and breathe again. Guided by yogic philosophy, cutting-edge Western psychology, and even ancient spiritual principles, Unavoidable Writing blends modern understanding of the human mind with timeless understandings of human nature.

Forget inventing a master plan to write a best-selling novel.

Ditch the 30-day (and 60-day, and 100-day) writing challenges that tend to trigger neurosis more than anything else. Winning over the literary community, or proving anything to academia, or “hustling” a new blog to win over 10,000 subscribers?

Move over, arbitrary goal-setting and force-fed expectations.

Unavoidable Writing rejects all the so-called “norms” that have never served to empower, awaken and embolden your Inner Creative: the divine spark within each of us that speaks through self-expression.

If you’ve been feeling called back to the page (perhaps more strongly than ever before), Unavoidable Writing is the resource to help guide you into deeper relationship to your writing, and  yourself. This course is what I wish I had when I started my own writing journey nearly a decade ago.

I am confident that the program that I’ve made for you will awaken the creative within you, and help you live alongside your writing for all of your days.

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Key Course Features (and My Promises to You)

Here’s what you get when you invest your precious dollars, attention and energy into this writing course:

  • Five (5) Stellar Course Modules that gently usher you through an intimate exploration of avoidance, your relationship to writing, and what embracing your creative self-expression could mean for your life (on, and off the page).
  • A Three-Step Process for Uncovering Your Shadows, plus a corresponding three-step process for unlocking “The Three Promises of Writing,” or the ultimate potential for your creative journey.
  • Dozens of Journaling Prompts, Creative Exercises & Practices to integrate learning on a personal level and help you capture fresh awareness and insights as you navigate the course.
  • Track Your Progress as You Go: Even if you only have limited time to spare per week, Unavoidable Writing allows you to track your lesson progress so you can easily pick up where you left off.
  • Extremely Time-Honoring & Efficient Design. Each lesson in the course is super concise to honor your time, energy and schedule — each, readable in 8 minutes or less.
  • Completely Distraction-Free Learning: A super minimalist, zen-styled private learning portal allows you to breathe, process, inquire, write, break, and return… with ease. Feel relief inside our no-frills learning portal every time you return to the course.
  • Monthly “Office Hours” Q+A Time with Creator Dave Ursillo. Jump into a private, dedicated call with course creator Dave Ursillo to have all of your questions answered, once every month.
  • Lifetime Access and Free Updates for Life. When you buy is your lifetime price, and you get lifetime access to all of your course content… plus, free updates to the course, bonus content additions, and much more.

That’s not all.

(Cue: “But Wait There’s More” Announcer Voice!)

Your investment in Unavoidable Writing also comes with promises that I make to all of my clients and students, because to me you are far, far more than “a customer.”

When you invest in Unavoidable Writing, I also promise you:

  • Personal support, when and where you need it. I make myself personally available to support my students, whom I consider friends-to-be. I hold space for new clients and customers as more than the sum of their business transactions. My hope is that we’ll get to know one another for the next two, five, or ten years. Email me (dave@unavoidablewriting.com) or call me at +1 (401) 384-0887 anytime.
  • No “value-dumping” or content-overwhelm. Don’t’cha hate when you buy a program and there’s obviously stuff inside masquerading as “valuable content” that is totally out of place recycled content from, like, 14 years ago? Unavoidable Writing is 100% original content, painstakingly scrutinized for maximum purpose and effectiveness in your learning experience. Nothing inside is repurposed from any other product or offer.
  • Only one weekly email (for just five weeks) in your inbox. Your attention span is invaluable to you and precious to me. That’s why you will not receive daily prodding or over-obsessive check-ins in your inbox. You receive just a few emails with light section overviews and tips for success to help invite you back into the course.

I personally guarantee your happiness and satisfaction with your investment.

That means I will do everything in my power to make you satisfied, or refund your money, no questions asked.

Are you ready to turn your writing resistance into your refuge?

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Your happiness is guaranteed. I will personally see to it that you are satisfied with your investment, or your money back, no questions asked. All love.

Praise and Testimonials

As a living testament to what my clients mean to me, here is a small sample of what peers, friends, and clients have said about me and my work:


“Dave brings deep experience and devotion to his teachings. What a gift to study with such a kind, smart and compassionate man! He cares that you learn, that you grow, and that you get all that you came for — which, especially in this age of online hucksters and overnight experts, is a rare and beautiful thing.”

— Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling Author and Teacher


“I’ve known Dave as a teacher of writing, yoga and self-expression for nearly a decade. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough! He brings incredible heart and soul to underline his passion for helping others. Expect the perfect blend of encouragement with practical tools to get you unstuck, inspired, and excited to share your truth.”

— Jenny Blake, Professional Author and Speaker


“Dave’s creative teachings have been life-altering for me. For the first time in my life, there is resounding forward motion as a creative. My writing is pouring out these days!”

–Tracye D., Artist and Instructor (Tampa, FL)


“I would recommend that any writer get on board with his creative teachings — because it is spearheaded by Dave Ursillo, a man who walks his talk.”

— Cheryl C., Real Estate Consultant and Author (Austin, TX)


“Not only has my writing gotten better, but I feel like I have evolved as a person as well.”

— Matt C., Former Writers’ Group Member (Chicago, IL)


“My identity as a writer has shifted dramatically. Dave made me into a published author. I’m more confident than ever that I’m on the right path.”

— Milo M., Professional Marketer and Content Writer (Edinburgh, Scotland)


“Dave’s ability to look at my words with precision and care was enough to give me the courage to keep going.”

— Diane P., Business Coach (Stamford, CT)


“Dave creates a dedicated, sacred space to help me keep moving forward as a writer, and it’s clear his power is to help others do the same. Speaking with Dave feels like speaking with someone who sparks my imagination.”

— Jillian K., Former Writers’ Group Member (Philadelphia, PA)


“Dave was in my dream a few days ago, at the front of a classroom and encouraging me to ‘Write, write, write.’ He asked me why I wasn’t writing; why I was holding back. My subconscious mind associates Dave as a natural writing mentor, and the leadership he gives to his writing clients proves it.”

— Beatriz A., Coach and Consultant, (Philadelphia, PA)


Thank you for reading!

I really appreciate you taking the time to explore this course. If you still have any questions, concerns, or need some guidance on which option to choose, click here to email me now, and ask away. Thanks again 🙂


About the Creator

Dave Ursillo is a healer, teacher and writer. Formerly an aspiring political speechwriter, Dave abandoned the world of public service with a dream to use his words to make positive change in the world. After more than 5 years of working closely with 300 writers from 12 countries, Dave developed Unavoidable Writing to teach an intuitive framework for turning personal points of resistance, struggle, or blockage into a precise pathway for effortless writing. Learn more about Dave at DaveUrsillo.com 

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