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Turn Your Resistance Into Your Refuge

Unavoidable Writing is a revolutionary approach to overcoming writer’s block, creative stuckness and starving artist syndrome. From healer, teacher and writer Dave Ursillo (DaveUrsillo.com), Unavoidable Writing is a premium writing e-course that guides you along an effortless journey into the heart of your writing. Across 40 intuitive and heart-centered lessons, you will flip typically-unhelpful writing advice upside down and discover a personal writing practice you can be proud of, all while finally demystifying your elusive creative desires. Guided by dozens of thoughtful journaling prompts, creative exercises, and a mindblowing philosophy, this e-course will be the last you’ll ever take to turn the most stubborn writer’s block into newfound flow… for years to come. Learn More »

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Writing is always a reflection of the writer.

When the writing is flowing, it’s because the writer is flowing.

When the writing is stuck, it’s because the writer is stuck.

Wherever we are blocked in writing, we are also blocked elsewhere in our lives.

Hi, I’m Dave Ursillo. I’m the creator of Unavoidable Writing, a 40-lesson writing course that ushers you into a nuturing, self-supportive and creatively-expansive relationship to your writing.

If you’ve long been attracted to the art of writing but can’t seem to get feelings of stuckness in your practice, Unavoidable Writing may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

This self-guided e-course is a holistic program based in a mindfulness philosophy that transforms your personal feelings of struggle with writing into a meaningful pathway for healing, empowerment and personal growth.

Not only will you learn how to become a better writer, Unavoidable Writing teaches you how to fall in love with your writing by getting to better know, understand, and love the writer behind the writing: you.

Why Unavoidable Writing Will Be the “Last E-Course on Writing That You Will Ever Take”

Unavoidable Writing is a self-guided, self-paced online writing course created for the kinds of people who really take great care and consideration in how they do what they do. Unlike other courses (and typically overly-masculinized writing advice) for writers today, Unavoidable Writing unpacks a holistic, nourishing and yogic mindfulness philosophy:

If “how we do anything is how we do everything,” we must learn how to develop wholesome and fulfilling relationships to the written word so that we’re not blindly struggling toward far-off dreams of tomorrow.

Unavoidable Writing ushers you into the heart of your relationship to writing because the relationship you have to writing is an extension of the relationship you have to yourself.

Experiential at its core, Unavoidable Writing guides you through a personal journey to uncover, understand and overcome your avoidance: the unique expression of struggle, frustration, resistance or “writer’s block” that disrupts your good, wholesome desires to be your most creative.

Blending yogic philosophy with practical application of prompts and exercises, Unavoidable Writing will teach you how to establish a self-supportive and highly sustainable personal writing practice that you can live alongside for years to come:

  • Turn Your Resistance Into Your Refuge. Take a 3-part journey guided by dozens of original prompts, smart exercises, and thoughtful stories to open up your creative mind and heart. Discover how to turn personal journaling into a system for sustainable (and supportive) creative flow, for years on end.
  • Take Power Back from the Three Shadows of Writing. Fear, guilt, shame manifest as uncertainty, indecision, and imposter syndrome for every writer. In Unavoidable Writing, you’ll be shown how to identify these subtle shadow behaviors (which not only hold you back in your writing, but elsewhere in your life.
  • Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs. Almost every writer subconsciously assigns their own personal feelings of discomfort through the story of “writer’s block”. In this course, you’ll take the “scary” out of writer’s block and diagnose your self-limiting beliefs again 30+ common scripts that writers tell themselves.
  • Discover the Three Promises of Writing. By the end of this course, you’ll have a personal writing practice that gives you foundational stability to your life; develop your voice and values; and begin to write with senses of mission, purpose and leadership-by-example in your everyday life.

What You’ll Learn Across These 40 Smart, Simple, Intuitive & Heart-Guided Lessons

Unavoidable Writing reframes the practice of writing away from being a “thing to do,” a “habit you have to maintain” or the occasional “30-day challenge.”

Instead, you will consider the space of your personal journal as an audacious act of self-care; a detoxification process for clearing doubts and clarifying direction; a continual conversation with the soul, which inspires feelings of cohesion, wholeness, and contentment along your journey:

  • Give yourself the dedicated practice space to more deeply understand your call to write, once and for all. You don’t need to be a “writer” in title or by profession: this course focuses on the writer behind the writing. That’s you!
  • Nix imposter-syndrome, woe-is-me, and other self-limiting beliefs that have bogged down your creativity for far too long. Unavoidable Writing will guide you into reconnecting to feelings of stability, joy, flow, and a stronger sense of self through your writing practice.
  • Awaken the full spectrum of the soul you are through intimate self-awareness practices that guide strength of character, self-knowledge, and actionable steps to expressing your soul-code in the world.

(This is a sample of actual original watercolor art you can expect to find inside the course!)

You’ll learn how to re-discover your personal writing practice as a consistent, ongoing conversation with the invisible code that governs your whole experience in life:

  • Enjoy Original Writing Prompts, Quizzes and Suggestions for unpacking your creative desires on the page — and, for taking your writing desires “off the page,” into your everyday life.
  • Indulge in Spacious Weeks of Personal Writing. Designed to be completed in as few as four weeks, or as many as eight, all you really require is a window of 30 minutes per day to read, reflect, and write.
  • Create a Writing Environment. You’ll get guidance on establishing a physical “home” for your writing practice by creating a personal and sacred space to indulge your creative desires.
  • Learn 3 Styles of Journaling to suit your mood, needs, and resistance. These unique styles of personal journaling are simple, fun, and highly effective in supporting you on any given day (especially if you’re experiencing avoidance in any given moment).
  • Source Your Voice. Use writers, creatives, teachers and people whom you admire as resources for revese-engineering the unique values that comprise your writing voice.
  • Communicate Your Life-Philosophy. Learn two unique styles of extrapolating your deepest life-philosophy… in ways that are simple, refined, and highly communicable. You have nothing to prove to anyone anymore when you finally decipher and quietly embody your life-philosophy with you, wherever you go.


“Dave brings deep experience and devotion to his teachings. What a gift to study with such a kind, smart and compassionate man! He cares that you learn, that you grow, and that you get all that you came for — which, especially in this age of online hucksters and overnight experts, is a rare and beautiful thing.”

— Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling Author and Teacher


“I’ve known Dave as a teacher of writing, yoga and self-expression for nearly a decade. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough! He brings incredible heart and soul to underline his passion for helping others. Expect the perfect blend of encouragement with practical tools to get you unstuck, inspired, and excited to share your truth.”

— Jenny Blake, Professional Author and Speaker


What’s Inside: Full Course Lesson Overview

Part 1: Turning Resistance Into Refuge

  • 1.1 Welcome to Unavoidable Writing
  • 1.2 Why We’re Here
  • 1.3 The Unavoidable Writing Approach
  • 1.4 The Three Promises of Writing
  • 1.4.1 The First Promise: Home
  • 1.4.2 The Second Promise: Harmony
  • 1.4.3 The Third Promise: Wholeness
  • 1.5 Quiz: “Which ‘Promise’ Holds the Most Potential For Me?”

Part 2: Embracing Avoidance

  • 2.1 A Brief History of Avoidance
  • 2.2 Why Writers Avoid Writing
  • 2.3 The Four Conditions of Avoidance
  • 2.3.1 Choice (#1) and Awareness (#2)
  • 2.3.2 Presence (#3) and Regression (#4)
  • 2.4 How Avoidance Shows You the Way
  • 2.5 Prompt: “Am I Avoiding My Writing?”

Part 3: The Promise of Home

  • 3.1 Unpacking the Fear Shadow
  • 3.1.1 Pause Goal-Setting
  • 3.1.2 Nix Word-Counts and Timers
  • 3.1.3 Keep Your Words Private
  • 3.2 Make Writing Your Home
  • 3.2.1 Establish Your Writing Environment
  • 3.2.2 Uncover Your Stories
  • 3.2.3 Try ‘Attunement Journaling’
  • 3.3 Conclusion: The Promise of Home

Part 4: The Promise of Harmony

  • 4.1 Unpacking the Guilt Shadow
  • 4.1.1 Distinguish ‘Need’ from ‘Want’
  • 4.1.2 Break the ‘Writing is Selfish’ Pitfall
  • 4.1.3 Enlist Your People (Don’t Go It Alone)
  • 4.2 Cultivate Creative Harmony
  • 4.2.1 Source Your Voice
  • 4.2.2 Write to Explore (Less to Explain)
  • 4.2.3 Try ‘Pouring’ Onto the Page
  • 4.3 Conclusion: The Promise of Harmony

Part 5: The Promise of Wholeness

  • 5.1 Unpacking the Shame Shadow
  • 5.1.1 Calling Yourself a Writer
  • 5.1.2 Writing as ‘Being’, Not ‘Being Busy’
  • 5.1.3 Keep a Compliments Journal
  • 5.2 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • 5.2.1 See What You Know
  • 5.2.2 Creating Self-Affirming Practices
  • 5.2.3 Be Seen (and Become the Seer)
  • 5.3 Conclusion: The Promise of Wholeness

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Why Unavoidable Writing is Proven to Work

Although our student base is growing, so far we have welcomed students from five countries with very promising statistics:

  • 86.4% of Students Actually Began the Course After Purchase
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate Among Students Who Completed the Course
  • 97.6% of Students Would Purchase the Course All Over Again
  • Only 1 Student Refund Requested and Fulfilled Since 2017

Guided by key research based in positive psychology and what leading scientific research claims about how the human mind works, Unavoidable Writing blends hard evidence with a well-rounded and heart-centered mindfulness philsophy that affirms your power of choice as the leading mechanism to overcoming feelings of stuckness, hesitation, discomfort and uncertainty.

Firmly rooted in a philosophy that encourages your creative practices (like writing) to be spiritual extensions of your True Self, when you experience Unavoidable Writing, your self-confidence and self-esteem are guaranteed to respond, and grow.

This course has proven so effective in transforming writers’ writing because:

  • First, you creatively explore how your personal relationship to the practice of writing impacts your creative output, and,
  • Then, you gradually grow your creative output through reframing, self-reflection, and exploring the core values, desires and needs (upon which any and every endeavor is built)

In other words?

If you’ve only ever felt like writing is a journey of banging your head against the wall, you’re in for a lovely treat. Unavoidable Writing teaches you how to advance your creative journey by deepening into your self-knowledge, mindfulness and awareness.

Here is what some of the earliest students of Unavoidable Writing have had to say about their experience with this course:

“I’m only in Part 1 and I’ve had a huge Aha! moment already. Just. Woah.” — Jess G. in Virginia

“Well holy shit. Yup. This chapter definitely resonated with me. I cried while reading the guilt scripts. I’ve thought almost all of them, in crippling and controlling ways.”  — Hope K. in Cambodia

“I’m almost done with Part 1 and I’m so… touched and impressed and surprised. To be very frank, not much out there feels new or exciting in the realm of self-realization for me. But *this* is impressive. Like, straight excellence.” — Laura V. in Florida

“I’ve been wanting to get my writing out there for a while, but I’ve had a hard time identifying what exactly is holding me back. But already, the idea of writing ‘just for my own enjoyment’ is really helping me reconnect to my writing.” — Rolando P. in California

“I’m feeling grateful for so many things in this world, and one of them is your writhing course. I love the fact that I can read your prompts, meditate on them, and then effortlessly write. Putting pen to paper for me has always been therapeutic to my soul, and your course is helping that therapy become routine again.”  — Bonnie D. in Rhode Island

“There is just so much good stuff in this course! I am making notes, scribbling new insights, and having reactions all over the place!” — Christianne M. in Colorado

When you give yourself to your writing, you give yourself to you. The whole you.

That is what Unavoidable Writing will share with you.

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Who Is This Course Meant For, Really?

Unavoidable Writing is ideal for conscientious creatives who are deeply rooted in purpose, meaning, fulfillment and having meaningful experiences in their lives, work, relationships and presence as humans.

  • No experience level or credentials required. You are the only qualification required: your desire to be “at home” within yourself; to experience more harmony in your life; and to embody wholeness in your world, are the only “credentials” required.
  • Some of the self-ascribed titles owned by Unavoidable Writing students thus far have included: freelance writers, landscapers, copywriters, young professionals, real estate agents, creative entrepreneurs, graduate students, gig economy side-hustlers, full time bloggers, online marketing students, part-time journalers, homemakers, aspiring authors, self-published authors, spoken word poets, visual artists, yoga teachers, mandala painters, investment advisors, actors, software engineers, and all-around conscientious souls.
  • No hard deadlines, nor judgment, nor shaming. Using nothing more than gentle accountability and an open-door policy of personal support from creator Dave Ursillo, you will never feel pressured, singled-out, hurt or finger-wagged as an Unavoidable Writer.

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Key Course Features

Here’s what you get in this writing course:

  • 40 Lessons Spread Across 5 Course Modules. You’re gently ushered through an intimate exploration of avoidance, your relationship to writing, and what embracing your creative self-expression could mean for your life (on, and off the page).
  • A 3-Step Process for Uncovering Shadows, plus a corresponding three-step process for unlocking “The Three Promises of Writing,” or the ultimate potential for your creative journey.
  • Dozens of Journaling Prompts, Creative Exercises & Practices to integrate learning on a personal level and help you capture fresh awareness and insights as you navigate the course.
  • Track Your Progress as You Go. Even if you only have limited time to spare per week, Unavoidable Writing allows you to track your lesson progress so you can easily pick up where you left off.
  • Extremely Time-Honoring & Efficient Design. Each lesson in the course is super concise to honor your time, energy and schedule — each, readable in 8 minutes or less.
  • Distraction-Free Learning: A super minimalist, zen-styled private learning portal allows you to breathe, process, inquire, write, break, and return… with ease. Feel relief inside our no-frills learning portal every time you return to the course.
  • Lifetime Access and Free Updates for Life. When you buy is your lifetime price, and you get lifetime access to all of your course content… plus, free updates to the course, bonus content additions, and much more.

I personally guarantee your happiness and satisfaction with your investment.

That means I will do everything in my power to make you satisfied, or refund your money, no questions asked.

Transform your resistance into refuge.

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About the Creator

Dave Ursillo is a healer, teacher and writer. Formerly an aspiring political speechwriter, Dave abandoned the world of public service with a dream to use his words to make positive change in the world. After more than 5 years of working closely with 300 writers from 12 countries, Dave developed Unavoidable Writing to teach an intuitive framework for turning personal points of resistance, struggle, or blockage into a precise pathway for effortless writing. Learn more about Dave at DaveUrsillo.com 



Praise & Testimonials

“Dave’s creative teachings have been life-altering for me. For the first time in my life, there is resounding forward motion as a creative. My writing is pouring out these days!”

–Tracye D., Artist and Instructor (Tampa, FL)


“I would recommend that any writer get on board with his creative teachings — because it is spearheaded by Dave Ursillo, a man who walks his talk.”

— Cheryl C., Real Estate Consultant and Author (Austin, TX)


“Not only has my writing gotten better, but I feel like I have evolved as a person as well.”

— Matt C., Former Writers’ Group Member (Chicago, IL)


“My identity as a writer has shifted dramatically. Dave made me into a published author. I’m more confident than ever that I’m on the right path.”

— Milo M., Professional Marketer and Content Writer (Edinburgh, Scotland)


“Dave’s ability to look at my words with precision and care was enough to give me the courage to keep going.”

— Diane P., Business Coach (Stamford, CT)


“Dave creates a dedicated, sacred space to help me keep moving forward as a writer, and it’s clear his power is to help others do the same. Speaking with Dave feels like speaking with someone who sparks my imagination.”

— Jillian K., Former Writers’ Group Member (Philadelphia, PA)


“Dave was in my dream a few days ago, at the front of a classroom and encouraging me to ‘Write, write, write.’ He asked me why I wasn’t writing; why I was holding back. My subconscious mind associates Dave as a natural writing mentor, and the leadership he gives to his writing clients proves it.”

— Beatriz A., Coach and Consultant, (Philadelphia, PA)


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